Finn Seccombe

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Finn Seccombe’s sheer love for music is evident in the faces he pulls whilst on stage. Seeing himself as first and foremost a songwriter, he has two records – an EP titled ‘Silverfish’ and an album by Trumps – ‘Derailed’. Finn has played at premier festivals such as Falls, National Folk, Global, FRL (VIC), Cygnet Folk Festival, Taste of Tasmania, 10 Days on the Island, and many more. His diverse pub/bar repertoire of pop, soul, jazz, ska, and R&B covers keep all audiences happy, and as these styles are the greatest influence on his own writing style, he performs with true integrity and heart. Whilst playing in various ensembles across the state, solo with his beautiful Eastman guitar is how we know him best. Dreaming of touring as far and wide as possible with new and exciting music, and to write and record for film (especially the genre of Drama TV Series’) keeps Finn’s head in the clouds while his feet are firmly planted on any stage on offer.